Film processing

Since I'm between darkrooms (don't know that I'll build another, more on that later) I've been sending my film out for processing.  I had been sending it to "the darkroom", however some quality issues had me search for another lab.  Even correspondence with them couldn't delay my decision.  I had spots on negatives - quite a few, some of them too large to repair in post.  After telling them about it, they said I could send the negatives back for cleaning.  The put a card in the package "inspected by ..." with someone's initials.  Besides initial the card, I'm not sure what they bring to the table.  My search turned up a small, albeit expensive lab in Chicago - "printlab" - I'm looking forward to working with them, and will post the results and my opinion here.

Update Jan 15, 2018:

Update - Printlab in Chicago done a fine job, and I used them 3 times. On the last batch I sent they messed up one of the rolls. Luckily it was a less important roll. If it had been the roll for a baby announcement, it would have been a true tragedy. They were super apologetic, and gave me 5 free rolls of development for free. So I thought I would try another lab - Praus Productions I'll let you know how they do, they also do traditional prints, so I'm looking forward to that as well.